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Monday, June 23, 2014

THE JESUS PASSION PROJECT & REPORT, SECTION E A Concise Treatise of One-Line Disputations on the New Testament Commandments That Every Christian Is Called to Obey in Honor of the Excellence of Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ

By M.A. Petillo, D.Th., D.Min., & Reformed Baptist Preacher

1.     Christians must walk by selfsame Scriptures alone.

2.     Christians must not sleep spiritually (asleep in the light).

3.     A Christian is to watch and be sober.

4.     Be content with food and raiment.

5.     A Christian should fear losing the soul.

6.     Labor to be spiritually saved.

7.     Hold fast a sound profession and possession.

8.     Come boldly to the throne of blessed and holy grace.

9.     Go on to future glorification in perfection.

10.                        Drew near to a holy God.

11.                        Provoke to love and good works to God.

12.                        Credit a good God with good.

13.                        Do not forsake the fellowship of the local church.

14.                        We are called to exhort one another.

15.                        Lay aside every weight under the Spirit.

16.                        Lay aside besetting lawlessness.

17.                        Run the race with godly patience.

18.                        Look to Jesus at all times.

19.                        Have grace to serve God.

20.                        Bear the reproach of Christ.

21.                        Offer a sacrifice of praise to God constantly.

22.                        Love one another in and through Christ.

23.                        Walk not in rioting.

24.                        Walk not in drunkenness.

25.                        Walk not in chambering.

26.                        Walk not in wantonness.

27.                        Walk not in strife.

28.                        Walk not in envying.

29.                        Walk not in doubtful things.

30.                        Walk not to cause others to stumble.

31.                        A Christian is to live peacefully.

32.                        Walk free from anxiety and undue care.

33.                        Do not live any longer in the lustfulness of sin.

34.                        Live to love your enemies.

35.                        A godly nation must hate an evil nation.

36.                        Walk to love your fellow Christians.

37.                        Walk to be tenderhearted.

38.                        Walk to love your brother.

39.                        We are called not love the world.

40.                        A Christian is not called to love the things in the world.

41.                        Love fervently.

42.                        Walk with a pure heart.

43.                        Love the brethren in Christ.

44.                        We are called to pray to the Father.

45.                        A Christian must pray to the eternal Son.

46.                        Christians are called to pray to the Spirit.

47.                        Pray for persecutors against you and Christ.

48.                        Pray for laborers for Jesus Christ.

49.                        Pray for one another in Christ.

50.                        Pray not with vain repetition like heathens.

51.                        A Christian must not pray as a hypocrite.

52.                        Pray after the manner of Jesus Christ.

53.                        Pray by asking, seeking, and knocking.

54.                        Pray in the Holy Ghost by the Word.

55.                        A Christian must be proved by God.

56.                        Christians must prove what is acceptable to God.

57.                        We are called to prove all things of God.

58.                        A Christian is called to prove charges against elders.

59.                        Wicked people put outside the local church with hopes of contrite confessional repentance through the Cross of Jesus.

60.                        Do not engage in lying.

61.                        Do not engage in bitterness.

62.                        Do not engage in unrighteous wrath & anger.

63.                        Do not engage in unholy clamor.

64.                        Do not engage in evil speaking.

65.                        Do not engage in any or all malice.

66.                        We are called to put off the old man.

67.                        A Christian is to put on Christ.

68.                        Christians are to put away anger without cause.

69.                        A Christian is to put off unjust wrath.

70.                        A Christian is to put off all malice.

71.                        Get rid of all blasphemy.

72.                        No filthy conversations.

73.                        Wear the armor of light by His Spirit and Word.

74.                        Put on the new man by the Spirit and Word.

75.                        Wear the whole armor of God.

76.                        Cloth yourselves with bowels of mercy.

77.                        Put on kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, and love.

78.                        Wear the breastplate of faith and love.

79.                        Put on the hope of salvation.

80.                        There is more than just hope but Incarnate Hope.

81.                        Do not rebuke an orthodox elder.

82.                        We are to rebuke certain sinners.

83.                        We are to rebuke rebels.

84.                        A Christian is to rebuke works of darkness.

85.                        Rebuke with all authority.

86.                        Rebuke with all longsuffering.

87.                        A Christian is commanded to rejoice.

88.                        Rejoice forevermore.

89.                        Rejoice in hope.

90.                        Rejoice in blessings of others.

91.                        Rejoice in the Lord.

92.                        Rejoice in the sufferings of Christ.

93.                        Remember what you are saved from.

94.                        Think upon those who suffer.

95.                        Think upon those who lead you.

96.                        Mediate on divine truth.

97.                        Remember if you fall down to sin rise to repent.

98.                        Seek God’s kingdom first.

99.                        Seek a holy Triune God in prayer.

100.                   Seek edification of the church.

101.                   Seek things above.

102.                   Do not be so heavenly minded as to no earthly good.

103.                   Do not be so earthly minded as to no heavenly good.

104.                   We are called to stand fast by the Spirit.

105.                   A Christian is called to hold to Christian tradition.

106.                   Stand fast with the helmet of salvation.

107.                   Stand fast with preparation of the peace of the gospel.

108.                   Stand fast with breastplate of righteousness.

109.                   Hold forth the sword of the Spirit that is the Word.

110.                   Shelter yourself with the Shield of Faith.

111.                   Gird yourself with God’s divine truth.

112.                   Be grounded in faith.

113.                   Be grounded in liberty.

114.                   Be grounded in loyalty to Jesus.

115.                   Be grounded in one spirit.

116.                   Be grounded in the unity of sound doctrine.

117.                   Be grounded in one mind by the Word.

118.                   Be grounded in the good Lord.

119.                   Mediate on your true self.

120.                   Think on things that are true.

121.                   Think on things that are honest.

122.                   Contemplate things that are just.

123.                   Think on pure things.

124.                   Mediate on lovely things.

125.                   Think of a good report.

126.                   Think on the virtue of Jesus Christ.

127.                   Arrange your thoughts soberly.

128.                   Be subject one to another.

129.                   Be subject to a holy Triune God.

130.                   Submit to just ordinances of man.

131.                   Submit to God over man.

132.                   Younger people submit to their elders.

133.                   Wives should submit to their husbands.

134.                   Be not anxious for the necessities of life.

135.                   Be not anxious for tomorrow.

136.                   Be not anxious for a defense.

137.                   Learn to take the yoke of Jesus upon you.

138.                   Freedom must be loyal to holiness.

139.                   Remember to partake of the Lord’s Supper.

140.                   Elders are to take oversight willingly.

141.                   Elders take oversight without personal/unlawful gain.

142.                   A Christian is to take a sit of humility.

143.                   Do not be someone who wants applause of men.

144.                   Do not despise little children.

145.                   Do not be deceived.

146.                   Be cautious what you hear.

147.                   Be cautious how you hear.

148.                   Walk in the true light of Jesus Christ.

149.                   Rebuke and forgive.

150.                   Do not get drunk.

151.                   Do not be overcome with cares.

152.                   Be mindful to take heed to yourselves.

153.                   Be mindful of the flock of God.

154.                   Do not misuse your Christian liberty.

155.                   Be ready for anything lest you fall.

156.                   Be ready for ministry for Jesus.

157.                   It is Jesus over all not all over Jesus.

158.                   It is Jesus over ministry not ministry over Jesus.

159.                   Do not destroy one another.

160.                   Do not backslide.

161.                   Endure a season of temptation to be refined as gold.

162.                   Worship the Triune God alone.

163.                   Serve the Triune Majesty alone.

164.                   Love your neighbors as yourself.

165.                   Love the Father, Son and Spirit wholly.

166.                   Do not tempt the Father.

167.                   Do not tempt the Son.

168.                   Do not tempt the Spirit.

169.                   People must not murder/kill.

170.                   Do not commit adultery.

171.                   Pray to God alone in secret.

172.                   Do not pray unto sin before people.

173.                   Do not pray publicly unto sin.

174.                   Pray publicly unto an example of holiness.

175.                   Pray with sounds words and the divine Word.

176.                   Do not steal at all but if in doubt repent to God.

177.                   Steal away the captives of Satan by the gospel.

178.                   Do not bear false witness.

179.                   Do not covet because a good God is in control.

180.                   Do not be stubborn unto sin.

181.                   Be stubborn unto what is good.

182.                   Do not walk as sinners.

183.                   Do not walk as fools.

184.                   A Christian is called to walk in the Spirit.

185.                   Christians are called to divine love.

186.                   Christians are called to the TRUE light.

187.                   Be watchful because a holy God is on His throne.

188.                   Walk in Christ.

189.                   Walk in wisdom.

190.                   Walk in honesty.

191.                   Do not confess sin to malice people.

192.                   Confess sin to a faithful brother/sister in Jesus.

193.                   Hate evil but love holiness.

194.                   Hate wickedness but love good.

195.                   Hate sin but love purity.

196.                   Hate blasphemy but love the Word alone.

197.                   Hate lying but love truth.

198.                   Hate idolatry but love the Trinity alone.

199.                   Hate love of sinful pleasure but love the honor of Jesus.

200.                   A bishop must qualify Paul’s writings.

201.                   It is normative to be married to be a pastor.

202.                   It is acceptable to be a pastor without marriage.

203.                   It is good for an elder to keep in mind marriage.

204.                   A Christian is called to abide in Jesus.

205.                   Remain with worthy Christian hobbits.

206.                   Do not accuse any falsely.

207.                   Add grace to grace by the Word to Word.

208.                   Confess total unprofitableness.

209.                   Admonish a brother or sister before Jesus.

210.                   Caution all on true assurance by the Word.

211.                   Caution those who are unruly.

212.                   Make every effort to be at peace with an adversary.

213.                   Do not let liberty cause you to sin.

214.                   Do not allow evil of lust in your body.

215.                   Do not only repent particularly but generally.

216.                   Do not only repent generally but particularly.

217.                   Do not curse and bless out of the same mouth.

218.                   Caution lawless reprobates with justice.

219.                   Justice may awaken them to mercy.

220.                   The Son is not more loving than the Father.

221.                   The Triune Godhead loves equally in Christ.

222.                   Anoint your head and face your face when fasting.

223.                   Be a solider to suffer for whatsoever is right (Jesus).

224.                   Do not avenge yourself.

225.                   Arise from death to life.

226.                   Bear the burden.

227.                   Male Christians are to behave like men.

228.                   Female Christians are to behave like women.

229.                   Do not give false teachers Godspeed.

230.                   Demonstrate your repentance.

231.                   Children are to be brought up in Jesus.

232.                   Build your faith.

233.                   Gather the poor to your feast.

234.                   Godly children are to obey their parents.

235.                   We are called to cleanse the lepers by the gospel.

236.                   Cleanse your hands from sins.

237.                   Cleansing your hands is not the same as Pilate.

238.                   Cling to the good.

239.                   Collect just money honestly.

240.                   Depart from an evil/secret group.

241.                   Christians are commanded to teach the Word.

242.                   Be faithful teachers.

243.                   Be joyful when you are tempted.

244.                   Sever offending members without repentance.

245.                   Do not defraud.

246.                   Cleave to spiritual gifts.

247.                   Do the milk and meat of the Word.

248.                   Despise not the prophecy of the Word.

249.                   Do not destroy any with opinion.

250.                   Gather close to God.

251.                   Eat your own bread in quietness.

252.                   Be silent before God.

253.                   Have a conversation with a holy God.

254.                   Make every effort to contend for the faith.

255.                   Use edification for singing hymns to God.

256.                   We are called to edify one another in Jesus.

257.                   God the narrow way through sola Christus.

258.                   Self-examination under God’s Word is key.

259.                   Sinful subjectivism does not go with self-examination.

260.                   Work in holy godliness by the Spirit and Word.

261.                   We are called to obey Jesus Christ.

262.                   Christians must exhort fellow believers daily.

263.                   Do not fear the devil unto worship.

264.                   Do not fear God unto attrition.

265.                   Endure the good fight of faith.

266.                   Journey through peace and holiness.

267.                   Christians are called to forbear one another.

268.                   A Christian is not called to forbid children.

269.                   Christians are called not to forget to share.

270.                   Christians are called to forgive 490 times.

271.                   A Christian must forgive.

272.                   Pray for justice like against Herod and Pilate.

273.                   Be a slave of Jesus Christ.

274.                   Have a steady mind before God and man.

275.                   Give your enemy the good of God’s Hand.

276.                   Civil government does not take the place of God.

277.                   God is over government not government over God.

278.                   There is no occasion to your enemy.

279.                   Honor God in body and soul and spirit.

280.                   Do not grieve the Spirit of God.

281.                   Christians are called to grow in grace and knowledge.

282.                   Do not hold grudges toward each other.

283.                   Do not harden your hearts.

284.                   Hate your sinful garments.

285.                   Do not show partiality.

286.                   Love all except Satan and fallen angels.

287.                   Do not have fellowship with works of Satan.

288.                   Spread the divine truth of the gospel.

289.                   Rebels need to be taught in meekness.

290.                   Christian! do not be bitter to another Christian.

291.                   Do not hypocritically judge.

292.                   Put your faith in God the Father.

293.                   Put your faith in God the Son.

294.                   Put your faith in God the Spirit.

295.                   Control your body.

296.                   Not lay up treasures on earth.

297.                   Cling to eternal life.

298.                   Leave your parents and get married.

299.                   Give and do not hope in return.

300.                   Do not let bitterness defile.

301.                   Do not be found a fornicator.

302.                   Do not lose reward.

303.                   Behold mercy for life everlasting.

304.                   Do not lust after evil things.

305.                   Make a tree good.

306.                   Make a tree corrupt.

307.                   Do not make provision for lusts.

308.                   Is your ministry full proof?

309.                   Make your way straight.

310.                   Identity the unruly.

311.                   Do not marvel if you are hated by the world.

312.                   A servant be good to its master.

313.                   A master be good to its servant.

314.                   Mediate on things of godly holiness.

315.                   Do not mind the high things.

316.                   Be a good minister as good stewards.

317.                   Mortify sin.

318.                   Do not be of doubtful mind.

319.                   Obey leaders in light of the Word.

320.                   An offer of a cheek is a way to say “be merciful.”

321.                   Do not be ordained in a hurry.

322.                   Do not owe but owe love.

323.                   A Christian must overcome evil with good.

324.                   We are called to pass the time in godly fear.

325.                   We are called to pay your taxes.

326.                   Pay just dues.

327.                   Christians must praise the Lord.

328.                   We are called to preach the Word.

329.                   Dedicate your body to a holy God.

330.                   Do not provoke your children to wrath.

331.                   Purge out the evil influence.

332.                   Christians are called to purification.

333.                   Remember the essentials of the Word.

334.                   Do not quench the Spirit.

335.                   No one is wiser than the Trinity.

336.                   Proclaim the gospel: namely, raise the dead.

337.                   Embrace weak brethren.

338.                   Christians are called to receive one another.

339.                   Embrace the Word with meekness.

340.                   A Christian is dead to sin.

341.                   A Christian is alive to God.

342.                   Renounce heretics.

343.                   Do not support young widows from church funds.

344.                   Do not engage in evil for evil.

345.                   A Christian must resist evil.

346.                   Christian must resist the devil.

347.                   Restore backsliders.

348.                   Run to obtain the victory.

349.                   Do not salute any by the way.

350.                   Salute leaders.

351.                   A Christian is to sanctify God in our hearts.

352.                   Save as many with fear.

353.                   A Christian is called to search the Word.

354.                   Help the needy.

355.                   A Christian is to serve the Lord.

356.                   Judge in light of mercy.

357.                   Have you affections set upon the above.

358.                   Shake the dust off your feet in testimony against them.

359.                   Accomplish charity to ministers.

360.                   Be a pattern of good.

361.                   Do not sin.

362.                   We are called to sing with grace in heart.

363.                   Do not engage in vain things.

364.                   Do all in light of Judgment Day.

365.                   Do not speak evil of brethren unjustly.

366.                   Pray for those involved in evil.

367.                   Establish your new heart by the Spirit.

368.                   Be a Christian who strengthens your feeble knees.

369.                   Strive with Christians for the gospel-faith.

370.                   Engage in study quietly.

371.                   Be diligent to be study approved.

372.                   Christians must support the weak.

373.                   Do not swear unlawfully.

374.                   Help one another.

375.                   Be gentle because it is the key to power.

376.                   Teach nothing but the truth.

377.                   Bring your brother’s fault first to him.

378.                   Trust God and work.

379.                   Be a Christian that understands God’s will.

380.                   God’s will is about our sanctification.

381.                   Be hospitable without grudging.

382.                   Weep with those who weep.

383.                   Do not be with disorderly Christians.

384.                   Do not fault a Christian by injustice of outsiders.

385.                   Do your own work with your own hands.

386.                   Be someone who works out their salvation.

387.                   Do not yield your members to sin.

388.                   Commit yourself to God.

389.                   Commit yourself to righteousness.

390.                   There are probably billions of applications to God’s commands that cover every area of living.